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Search Engine Optimisation

We start with a full analysis, of both yours and your competitors sites. When we isolate any weak spots, we then strategically build your presence, concentrating on any areas your competitors fall short on, giving you the edge. Fully measurable results.


Showcase your work with our tactical content marketing plans, made bespoke for your website depending on industry and your profession. We curate and share across your social media platforms, at the exact peak times for your target market. All our tools can be tailored to your specific audience, when they are most active.

Social media management

Grow your network the easy way. We provide a structured approach for you across many platforms, often in sync with each other. We offer both business and staff account management. The sky is the limit, let us know how social you want to be.

Website SEO and UX Analysis

Analysing your code for SEO and User Experience (UX) is a job for an expert. At Presence Marketing, we have the best of the best working with us, who will see how to get the best from your site. Once evaluated, we advise on the best ways for you to ensure that your customers get the best UX possible.


How we can help your business get great results online.
We work in sync with your business, driving customers to your sales team

When you hire Presence Marketing, we do an audit to ensure that we are the perfect fit as an agency for you. We are a full transparancy company, doing what we say we will, and meaning what we say. We work in sync with your business, aligning our goals to your success, keeping you in the loop. It's like employing a marketing department full of experts that you don't need to train, who's only incentive is to see your business succeed. Your success is our success. Your results will be delivered to you in an easy to understand bespoke report, so you know exactly where we are at all times. No tech speak, we make it easy to get the results you want. We even train you in online SEO and UX strategies, showing you how to optimise in future, and giving you a better understanding of how your website works, so you always know exactly what we are doing for you. Presence Marketing is the choice you should make if only the best will do.

  • SEARCH Engine optimisation

    We deliver a full audit before promising a thing. Once evaluated, we show you how you can get the best results from your website, so that you can reach the customers that matter.

  • Understanding your market

    We listen to the people who know their business best. You. Then we take that knowledge and build a digital marketing scheme with it, so that it comes across in the best possible way for you

  • EXpert knowledge and refined strategy

    Digital marketing is a constantly shifting scale, with updates, and algorithm changes, Our experts eat breathe and sleep these changes so you don't have to, adapting your online marketing strategy to acheive the best results.

  • Connecting the dots

    Weaving an online marketing SEO strategy is a lot like building infrastructure. If you miss a bit, it all falls apart. We take a comprehensive overview of your business, location, exertise, target market, how they buy and how often. Then we build you a plan from the ground up, with you in mind, to get you better results then your competitors. We build experts.

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