B2B’s: Start Content Marketing Right Now!

Presence Marketing knows how to get you the best content strategy and the best social media presence

Starting a social marketing campaign needn’t be difficult- we are here to help all sized businesses take the plunge!

B2B’s: Start Content Marketing Social Media Now

With business to business (B2B) companies finally catching on that Social and Content Marketing are the cheapest, quickest and best ways to win their prospects hearts and make sales, the time has never been better to get started.

B2B’s, Start Content Marketing on Social Media Now.

This article shows you how to start thinking about updating your current marketing strategy. Even with a small budget and little knowledge, you can get started using these tips.


Content Marketing:


Content marketing is the creation of content to attract, engage and inspire your target audience.
Objectively, what you should aim to achieve is to drive profitable customer action.
The content focussed marketing approach is brilliant for getting the word out about your businesses many great features to lots of people at once.


“In an effort to drive more sales, content marketing via social media can put your business on the map”.


Here’s what you should promote through your content marketing strategy:
• Content that teaches shows that you know a lot about your product
• Content that inspires shows that you have a passion for your niche
• Content about issues faced by consumers shows you understand potential problems and can provide solutions
• Content about your products quality and availability gets the word out that you are high level, open and ready for business

“Once you have displayed that you understand the customer’s needs, then you can move onto the sales pitch. Content marketing opens the door to a sales discussion with a warm lead”
Email Marketing with Content:

I recommend that you begin your content marketing via both Email and Social.
Email marketing needs time and a bit of money, as you will need a list to market to which takes time to build (click here to ask how we can arrange it for you) so I will not go into it fully to begin with, and will dedicate a full blog post to email marketing aimed at B2B email marketing for beginners soon.
However, just as a base, you will be using a mix of curated content (shared from the internet and credited to the page you got it from) and your own content (articles, infographics, advertising) getting sent direct to people who have opted in to receive marketing emails from you. Building a list is very important. I recommend that you start collecting customer emails ASAP.
Using content with social is where you can combine marketing, and is a cheap way to get your product or service to be seen by the masses.


Social Media for B2B:


Social Media makes interaction with your business easier than ever. People prefer to interact with businesses socially and are much more likely to do so online, than to pick up the phone. People now just go to their Facebook or Twitter and ask, as it occurs to them, when they notice your presence online.

Using Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a great way to keep your customers and prospects updated with your growth, projects, progress, discounts or anything else that you want to get across. You can tailor exactly the message that you want to get across, and ensure it ties in to your company’s ethos.


Here’s how to get social:
• Create profiles on platforms most likely to appeal to your target market- do 2 or 3 well, not 5 half-heartedly. Keep it tight.
• Portray a consistent message across social media platforms by using the same good quality logo or headshot. This shows your brand is solid, reliable, and coordinated.
• Share posts in your area of expertise. Engage with people. Help with queries. Show your brands human side.
• Only share content of value to your customers or things they will have an interest in and are likely to share. Sounds easy, often ignored.
• Don’t overshare. This is particularly important for B2B, as you are dealing with other professionals. You can afford to be a lot more fun and quirky if you are selling direct to customers, but if you are not, you should aim to be professional as you are at work, on your lunch break. Still quite formal, but more relaxed.
• When engaging with bad reviews, be incredibly polite and friendly. They will come back to haunt you otherwise.
• Don’t post something that divides opinion, unless it is part of your company ethos to be controversial or asking difficult questions. You don’t want to alienate potential prospects because of a post they saw. Aim for professional, informed and experienced.


B2B’s Start Content Marketing Social Media Now is a true beginner’s guide of building blocks that you can use to start your business presence online. I will continue to write about this in more detail, so if you have a question, ask away and I will do my very best to respond, or follow me on twitter @kim_digital and I will be available for a chat!

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