Email Marketing for Business- Hit Your Targets

Marketing with emails is a cheap way to sell to your prospects

Email Marketing for your customers can be simple if you do it the right way.

Email marketing is not dead, just misunderstood

…and often, poorly executed.


Keep these tips in mind when you are beginning an email marketing campaign, and you’ll be sure to get brilliant results.


DO: Remember when you’re starting out in email marketing– You will make mistakes. Everyone does. You will purposefully and diligently curate a list of warm leads, and then send everyone on that well-manicured list something that makes your stomach drop.


  You will then realise that you can’t take it back, and stay awake that night.


DON’T: Forget this is a massive broadcast- Save yourself the awkward conversation with your boss that you may have sent out a campaign (to a list of 5,000 leads), an email to a Finance Company’s clients with the subject line “Lorem Ipsum yada yada yada” (*cough*, I mean, I heard this happened to a friend of mine).


“Sometimes, after doing campaigns for tens of thousands of viewers, it becomes too easy to dash off an email that just doesn’t cut it”


DON’T: Forget that you are targeting a single person– Always respect that the email you send to thousands is to be read by one. Let’s call them Sam. Cater to Sam, your perfect customer. Ask yourself…

  1. “Who is Sam?”
  2. “What does Sam Want?
  3. “Why?”
  4. “How can I help Sam achieve that?”
  5. “How can I show Sam that I can help him achieve that?”

DO: Conduct market research– Back up your idea of who you’re selling to- it’s always worth the time to gather opinions- your friends and family aren’t good for this, you need totally unbiased opinions, using tools as listed here-

DONT: Just wing it– Avoid this by having a solid plan in place, backed up by A/B testing. Everything you do with email marketing can be made quantifiable, and there are many articles showing you how to use the brilliant measuring tools out there, like this one

DO: Check your stats- Measure and report on your progress, keeping a particular eye on conversion rates, CTR’s, unsubscribes and responses. Don’t let the insanity of some of the responses you will receive put you off email marketing.

DON’T: Forget to check, check, and check again– When you start to go “blind” after hours spent constructing the perfect email marketing masterpiece, you should print it out. Yes, on paper. Change the font to something you won’t use, while you are at it. This offers a different perspective, allowing you to focus on any issues when it’s right there in black and white, giving you the chance to fix these errors before sending. This is the time to rope in your more thorough (critical!) friends and family- they can come in with a fresh perspective and ask why you intended the font to be two slightly different sizes, changing midway through a paragraph. This is good. Absorb their wisdom, and make changes accordingly.

DO: Keep your point in mind– Let’s say Sam’s new to your tribe, and you are looking to connect with him/her. Well, how? Are you advising? Showing thought leadership in this field? Educating? Thanking them for the sign up? Whatever it is, be concise, well written and formatted, and DON’T SELL TO SAM.

OK, ok, you can sell to Sam, but not all the time and not right away. Time and time again, people make this mistake when email marketing, and you can beat them all, by simply not selling at every point of contact. Sam gets bored of that, then unsubscribes.

DO: Approach it like the dating game– You wouldn’t simply approach a new prospective partner and ask them to marry you immediately. Heck, it may work once in awhile, and if it does, you should be probably wary of that person (Protip: those people are crazy). Aim to beguile them- Inspire Sam, learn about them and show the best side of yourself- only then will they fall for your charms. Consider this analogy when beginning an email relationship with your prospective customers. Woo them. Don’t just sell at them.

DON’T: Forget the 25% ratio- To achieve this, you should use the 25% ratio; serve up a balanced campaign of education, expert knowhow and emails just to touch base/ keep in touch. Then offer your product/service.


“Ensure balance and a low unsubscribe rate by using the 25% ratio method with Email Marketing.”

DO: Be interesting, and optimise content to share- For the 75% of the time when not selling, curate interesting emails to suit Sam, and ensure a share option is displayed prominently. If things go well, Sam may share your brilliant thought leadership email on why “Low Carb Diets are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread- Literally” to his similarly minded friends, thus broadening your pool of prospective clients.

DON’T: Overwhelm your customer with options-  Keep it to your main 3 or 4 social media sites which are evergreen, with new content added often and which are specific to the targeted list. If you have an old page on Facebook that has mostly been taken over by spammy looking advertisements of sneakers, then don’t include it— just don’t.


DO: Use these tips as a guideline-

  • Always measure outcomes
  • Conduct market research
  • Never be spammy- consider recipient’s perspective
  • Send fresh, quality content, aimed directly at Sam
  • Use the 25% ratio to inform any email sales campaign
  • Include sharing options for content
  • Stay evergreen on the Social links you include
  • Remember to woo your list!


Keep these tips in mind when compiling an email campaign, and you will have given yourself the best chance for success.

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