Traditional Marketing is Dead: Long Live Digital Strategy


Marketing has changed drastically,  and you can use it to your advantage to beat your slower competitors!


If you don’t content market yet you’re going to have to soon- and here’s why.

Due to the internet, customers are getting smarter.

Seriously, so much more than even 10 years ago.


It used to be that potential customers had only a trusty salesman and some marketing literature to make your choices informed. Maybe a good review from a neighbour or 2, but that was it.


Now? With the easy access to not only different places to buy your product online, ways to compare prices, market reviews and information on the relevant questions to ask prior to purchase, they are more informed than ever before. I believe this is a good thing overall but it requires a different marketing strategy than those you have used in the past.


If you have a business then you must have noticed a fundamental shift in the way your customer is buying. In what used to be a job for your sales team.

“81% of customers now educate themselves online about the product they have in mind before they even get to you”


This means that your intended prospect is joining you further down the sales funnel than ever before, having done their research on the product already and if not from you then often from your competition. To combat this, you should be content marketing.


Content marketing works because people are already online looking for the answers to questions that your sales team used to cover. It used to be that you were controlling the dialogue that you had with your potential client and in order to continue to do this, you now need to engage with them online  and here’s why- If you are providing the answers they are already seeking online, then you will be one of the people influencing their decision to buy. You will also be able to communicate with your customers should they have any questions whilst making their decision, building a relationship.


“I would always include an email address on a website, or a contact form so that if a customer has any questions they can contact you directly, in conjunction with any content marketing strategy.”


Where are they looking for these answers currently? They’re looking on your competitors sites, at your competitors’ content. Do you want those guys influencing the decision of whether or not to buy from you? If you are not currently sharing content online and engaging your customers then the best case scenario? You win a customer on price alone. Worst case scenario? Your competitors convince your customers that they should be buying the product from them and not you.


Content marketing is already a reality and it’s time that you got your business on board to stay ahead of the curve and maximise profits.



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