SEO Update- Penguin 4.0 (and how it affects you)

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Penguin 4.0 will change the way penalties are dealt with

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What does the Penguin 4.0 launch mean for you?


Penguin 4.0 launched, from now on it will be integrated into Google’s core search algorithm


The last Penguin update was more than 2 years ago, but now we finally have the updated version promised quite a while ago. However, the interesting thing here is that this will also be the last official version that Google releases for its Penguin algorithm. The reason is simple, starting with this version Penguin 4.0 will be a part of the core search algorithm. It will work as a real-time signal that will show any potential problems with any website.


Why did Penguin 4.0 go real-time?

At its core, the idea behind Penguin 4.0 is rather simple. It was created to lower the amount of spam that appeared in the Google Search Results at an alarming rate over the past few years. Penguin was launched in 2012 and it did receive periodic updates. However, version 3 was launched around October 2014 and since then there has been no major update to the algorithm. Up until this new 4.0 version, of course.

The main focus for Penguin was (and still is) to detect websites that are seen as spammy. The filter would automatically remove any spam website and the owner would get notifications each time this type of problem appeared. A new scan for that website would take months, and that’s why many considered Penguin to be one of the most important algorithms in recent years.

Why did Google integrate Penguin in their real-time algorithms? Because it will function better. Having this data refreshed in real time allows a much faster visibility, immediate re-indexing and a better set of results. Basically, websites that do get penalized won’t have to wait months for re-indexing and any potential spammer will be stopped a lot faster.


A more granular approach

According to Google, the updates make Penguin more granular now. This means that Penguin 4.0 will actually go ahead and devalue spam by adjusting the ranking according to various signals. It won’t affect the ranking of the entire site, which is a very important thing to note in this regard.

It can be hard to determine what portions of a site will be affected, but with Penguin’s new approach at least you will know if the entire website will indeed be affected or not and that is very important.

Also, Google will no longer confirm any new Penguin updates, something that’s understandable considering its new, real-time nature. What you can keep in mind here though is that Penguin’s new real-time variant isn’t fully live yet, at least at the time of this writing. Things will change as it is rolled in.


How to use this information to boost your website ranking

What you do need to understand from this news is that the nature of SEO and algorithms are changing at a very rapid pace. If you really want to get amazing results from your ranking efforts, you will need to do monthly SEO. Yes, search engine optimization isn’t a one-time thing, it can bring in amazing results in the longer haul. With the commitment to SEO as an ongoing project, you can use Penguin 4.0 to get a stellar outcome and great ranking.

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