Why MailChimp is a absolute must have for email marketers.


Mail Chimp Helps You Leverage Email Marketing

Ever wonder how a company can put a beautifully crafted email in your inbox at six o’clock in the morning? You’d think they start the work day bright and early, but lots of companies are using automated free email marketing services like Mail Chimp to build, schedule, and send their campaigns. And you could be one of them.


Anyone can use Mail Chimp, even you.

Mail Chimp has made their system so simple to use that if you know how to use a computer, you can become a Mail Chimp master on your first campaign. Their Campaign Builder walks you through the process step-by-step, and offers plenty of tips and tricks along the way.

With more than a dozen pre-created layouts, you can drag and drop text and images that will automatically optimize to fit the viewer’s browsing experience – no coding required. Preview what your campaign will look like in a variety of browsers, including mobile, and send yourself test emails before your campaign goes live. You even create your own templates to streamline future campaigns.Campaign-building software helps you build, schedule, and send your campaigns all in one platform.

When you’re finished, pick the time and date you want Mail Chimp to send your campaign. That’s it!

Mail Chimp manages your email list so you don’t have to.

If you’ve had your email database for more than a few months, chances are you’ve got some expired email addresses. Mail Chimp will automatically clean faulty addresses with each campaign to keep your list neat and tidy. This is especially helpful if you ever decide to use Mail Chimp’s paid features, as you won’t waste funds on bad email addresses.

Mail Chimp makes it easy to segment your audience and send them only content that really matters to them. You can target recipients by geography, past engagement, the date they were added to your list, and more to maximize return on your campaigns. If you have ever received an email as a “valued customer,” you might have been more special to that company than you thought, after all.

Mail Chimp tracks email marketing activity (again, so you don’t have to).

Ever wonder how many people opened your emails, who clicked on your links, or what time frame your email received the most response? Wonder no more. Mail Chimp displays all this and other potentially important data in your dashboard to help you measure engagement and optimize future campaigns. Guesswork = gone.

It’s free (and not just for 30 days, either).

No matter the size of your business, you can leverage the same email marketing capabilities as bigger companies with bigger budgets. With Mail Chimp your emails can look like you employ an entire marketing department.

Although Mail Chimp offers some incredible paid features, like automation workflows and time zone-specific delivery, you can use Mail Chimp’s most important features without paying a penny. There’s no free trial, they don’t ask for a credit card up front “just to have on file,” and they won’t pester you with pop-ups and banner ads as you use the site. This is one of those rare cases where you actually get more than what you have paid for, and by all means you should take advantage of it.

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